The Evolution of Classic Men’s Fashion


We are handmade success. We witnessed the multiplication of cultures, trends, lifestyles and hustle.  We graduated but for some reason we still have homework.  We still believe in reading the books and doing the math.  We’re the sum of long nights and short weekends.  We became a product of continued research and we chose to use fashion as a way to show our work.  Oakland, California.

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Crafted With Precision

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Quality by any means necessary.  We personally source and physically acquire the best garment materials we possibly can.  We do this by working with as many local businesses as we can.  After we develop the look we want with our in-house design team, we also have built strong relationships with our Bay Area clothing factories so that we can fill our inventory up right here in the United States of America.


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Raw Hide

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Genuine Leather Goods


We get all of our leather from the Napa Hide House in Wine Country.  From the Hide and Leather House we take we model our handmade leather goods off of our prototypes built using a less expensive material to work out any design flaws.  We’re able to create a range of accessories from belts & wallets to leather coffee sleeves.  Our handmade leather backpacks and duffle bags are in a league of their own and truly must be seen in person to get the full effect.


We Create Trends for the World


Our Fall & Winter represents a year of doing things the right way.  Check out the line that features innovations to denim pants, button up shirts and sweat pants.  FW16 is available now in our Online Shop.

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Calculated Clothing's men's Fall and Winter 2016 Fashion Look book

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